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We agree that breast is best. However, we’re also aware that there are times when this isn’t possible. The Perfect Prep Machine gives parents an easy and quick way to create a safe feed, at the perfect temperature, every time.

Thousands of parents love our Perfect Prep Machine, and because it is such a unique product we often get asked questions about how it works. Baby safety is at the heart of everything we do, so we can reassure you that extensive tests confirm the Perfect Prep is a safe and efficient way to make a formula feed in under two minutes.

Here we answer some of your questions and you can watch a simple video we’ve made to tell you everything we think you’d like to know.

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How does the Perfect Prep machine work?

The Perfect Prep automatically controls the quality, volume and temperature of water in making up a formula feed. Once the water is in the hopper it passes through a unique filter to remove bacteria and other impurities in the water. The Ultra Filtration membrane inside has openings that are smaller than bacteria, creating a physical barrier. Once the water is filtered, the machine is ready to make up the feed. It starts with a ‘hot shot’ of over 70°C to kill bacteria which may be in the formula powder and completes the feed by dispensing the correct amount of water to deliver the right volume of feed at body temperature. 

Is it safe to make a bottle with the Perfect Prep?

Yes. The Perfect Prep is designed to make a parent’s life simpler and passes all appropriate standards for electrical baby products. The filter has been designed and independently tested to be as effective as boiling water from a microbiological perspective and ensures impurities are removed so that clean and safe water is delivered to the bottle, whilst the hot shot kills bacteria which may be in the formula powder. 

What testing have you done on the Perfect Prep?

The Perfect Prep has undergone rigorous testing. This includes proving the effectiveness of the filter and the hot shot, that the dosage control of water is accurate and the feed is always at the correct temperature for your baby.

Bacteria removal is of course a concern to Parents. The filter has been independently tested and verified as being as effective as boiling water for bacteria removal and independent tests have also proved the effectiveness of the ‘Hot Shot’ in killing Cronobacter Sakazakii and Salmonella, in the very unlikely event these are present in the formula powder.

What were the results of the filter tests?

Our filter supplier asked one of the world’s largest, and UKAS accredited, scientific testing companies to test the filter for its ability to remove bacteria from water compared with boiling. To conduct the test, they passed ‘spiked’ water through the filter. The spiked water contained Coliform, Enterococci and Pseudomonas bacteria. Having completed the study, their conclusion was:

“Throughout the testing program the filters have been challenged with bacteria levels far in excess of those that would normally be found in drinking water. 41 of the 45 tests performed on the filters showed a 100% reduction in bacteria and in the remaining 4 tests where bacteria were cultured from the filtered water the levels detected were negligible in comparison to the spiking level with the lowest percentage reduction observed being 99.3%. Using the results from this testing it is our opinion that the statement ‘as effective as boiling water’ from a microbiological perspective is reasonable for this product”.


We are aware that some people are buying standard water jug filters, rather than Tommee Tippee filters, for use in their Perfect Prep machines. Most standard water filters do not include an anti-bacterial filtration membrane so will NOT remove bacteria. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that you are buying and using the correct Tommee Tippee anti-bacterial filter.

Does the Perfect Prep Machine adhere to NHS/WHO guidelines?

The Perfect Prep machine is designed to achieve the same result as following the NHS/World Health Organisation guidelines. The World Health Organisation guidelines were designed for making up a feed without a Perfect Prep machine and state that boiled water, which has cooled for no more than 30-minutes, should be used. The Perfect Prep is designed to produce the same safe formula feed,  but in a much quicker and more convenient way (in just 2 minutes). This saves time for parents and frustration for baby, without compromising on safety.

How do I ensure my Perfect Prep machine is clean?

You should always run a cleaning cycle when setting up your machine for the first time and when replacing the filter. If you are at all concerned or are in any doubt about how long it is since you last cleaned your machine, then we recommend following the simple steps below:

  1. Remove the hopper from the tank and take out the filter (rest to one side on a clean surface)
  2. Using hot soapy water, wash the hopper thoroughly then rinse with clean water
  3. Take the filter and re-submerge in clean tap water to re-activate it as per initial instructions, however this time agitate the filter for 20-30 seconds. Bubbles may not appear throughout this process, this is perfectly normal.
  4. Place the hopper into the tank (do not add the filter) and run a full cleaning cycle as per initial instructions. We also have a ‘how to clean’ video available for additional guidance on our Perfect Prep Product Support page.

Once all steps above are complete, your machine is ready to use.


More information and a series of ‘How To’ videos are available on our Perfect Prep support page.

You can download the product instructions for your machine here.

If you have other questions or would like to talk to someone about the Perfect Prep machine, please contact us here.

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