Fresh Food Feeder

Introducing food to a baby can be so much fun and is an important step in the development journey.

The Tommee Tippee Fresh Food Feeder allows your baby to safely try new tastes and textures at snack time without the fear of choking.

Simple and Easy to Use

Simple and Easy to Use

The simple and easy to use Fresh Food Feeder allows you to pop food into the mesh bag and replace the lid. Baby can now suck or chew and only small manageable pieces of food will come through the mesh. The easy to hold soft-grip handles are the perfect size for little hands and pop in some ice cubes and you have a new teether for sore gums. The Fresh Food Feeder comes with a snap on hygienic cap so is perfect for feeding on the go and storing whilst travelling.



  • Introduce new tastes and textures at snack time such as apple, pear and banana without the fear of choking
  • Easy to hold soft- grip handle, ideal for little hands
  • For added relief place ice cubes into the mesh bag to soothe inflamed gums
  • Suitable for whole foods, use the 3 mesh bags to vary from fruit to cooked vegetables to meats (from 9 months)
  • Ideal for travel or storage with the snap on hygienic cap
  • BPA-free for your ultimate reassurance
Every baby will have a different appetite...
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