Heat Sensor Weaning Spoons

No more burning your mouth tasting babies food, the heat sensing spoons do that for you!

Tommee Tippee's Heat Sensor Weaning Spoons change colour to let you know when food is too hot for baby.

Gentle on little one's gums

Gentle on little one's gums

Our Heat Sensor Weaning spoons are gentle on little one's gums and change colour when food is too hot for baby. The long handle design makes spoon feeding your little one easier. Our Heat Sensor Weaning Spoons are BPA free for your peace of mind. 



  • Suitable from 4 months +
  • Long-handled spoons to make feeding easier for parents
  • Soft tips are gentle on your little one's gums
  • Colour changing heat sensor indicated when food is too hot
  • BPA free
  • 4 pack
Often by 9-12 months your baby will be used to different flavours and textures...
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