Penguin 2-in-1 Portable Night Light

Cute bedside companion that provides a soft and reassuring night light and a portable egg light for your toddler’s night

The portable egg is great for toddlers. From 18 months’ old, they can carry the egg with them during night time visits to the bathroom or, when they get older use it to read under the covers. The egg is made from soft tactile silicone which your little one will love to hold.

2 in 1 light

2 in 1 light

Use from birth as a cute nursery night light and from 18 months your little one can carry the portable egg to light up their night time adventures.

Dimmable Night Light

Dimmable Night Light

Turn up the light for late-night nappy changes or dim to settle your baby back to sleep. His gentle glow is enough for you to see what you're doing, but won't unsettle anyone's sleep.



Recharge the egg light on your Penguin's base throughout the day and it'll last up to 10 hours once removed. The night light is powered by mains USB cable so there's no need to hunt around for batteries.



  • 2-in-1 nursery light - use from birth as a night light, to give a soft, reassuring glow and from 18m your child can pick up and use the portable egg light
  • Portable egg light – glowing light and soft tactile silicone is ideal for little hands to carry
  • Dimmable light – dimmable nightlight & egg give a soft bedtime glow that won’t disturb your child’s sleep
  • Encourages independent sleep – helps children learn to settle back to sleep
  • No batteries needed - portable egg light recharges on its Penguin base which is powered by a mains power USB cable.
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