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Multiwarm Intuitive Milk Warmer

Multiwarm Intuitive Milk Warmer

Getting Started

Thanks for purchasing a Multiwarm Intuitive Milk Warmer!
This product support page is here to help you use it safely, and to answer any questions you may have.

Parts guide

Diagram of Multiwarm milk warmer parts guide labeled A-F

a) Cradle
b) Temperature selection
c) Power button
d) Volume or feed selection
e) Pouch or bottle type selection
f) Cable tidy

Icon key

Bottle type, temperature and volume feed table guide

Setting up your Multiwarm Intuitive Milk Warmer

Please refer to the instructions in the leaflet before use and remember to clean and descale your unit regularly.

We recommend that you run the unit through one cycle before its first use.

How to use your Multiwarm Intuitive Milk WarmerDiagram of steps 1 - 6 of how to use Multiwarm milk wamrer

  1. Place the unit on a clean and dry kitchen work surface, plug it into the mains power supply, and switch on.
  2. Lift the easy lift cradle and place in the bottle or pouch. For hygiene reasons, we recommend leaving the hood on the teat.
  3. Place the easy lift cradle into the unit and add 250ml/9floz of water using your Tommee Tippee bottle.
  4. Press power button to turn on the unit. The LED light will flash and beep once to show that the unit is in standby mode.
  5. Select your bottle type by pressing until the LED is adjacent to your requirement.
  6. Select a starting temperature by pressing until the LED is adjacent to the correct feed temperature.
  7. Select the volume of your feed by pressing until the LED is adjacent to the amount of feed to be warmed.
  8. Press the power button, the unit will beep once to show the cycle has started. When the cycle finishes the unit will beep 3 times, and the LEDs will keep flashing while the feed is still warm. Pressing any button will stop the LEDs flashing. Alternatively, it will automatically switch off after 45 minutes.
  9. Finally, remove the feed after the cycle is complete. Remember to take care not to touch the water inside the unit as it will have heated during the cycle. Empty unit and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

To reset/switch off the unit or cancel a cycle hold down the power button for 3 seconds.

Please remember…

  • For your child’s safety always check milk temperature before feeding by testing on a sensitive part of the skin.
  • The water inside the unit gets very hot and can cause burns, please take care when removing items from the bottle and pouch warmer.
  • Always replace the unit’s water after every use.
  • If the mains power is disconnected, the unit will reset.
  • The unit does not maintain temperature of feed.
  • The unit will not allow you to change the selection while it’s in operation.
  • Do not store a bottle or pouch in the unit.

How to Clean

Cleaning your Multiwarm Intuitive Milk Warmer

  • Always unplug and allow the unit to cool before cleaning.
  • Pour away any remaining water from the bottle and pouch warmer after each use by tipping it sideways over a sink, then wipe clean with a damp cloth only.
  • Don’t clean the unit with abrasive cleaners or allow it to contact bleach, solvents, or harsh chemicals as this could cause damage.
  • Don’t use metal objects or a scourer to clean your bottle and pouch warmer.

Descaling your Multiwarm Intuitive Milk Warmer

The frequency of de-scaling should be as follows…

  • Hard water – every 7 days
  • Medium water – every 14 days
  • Soft water – every 21 days

Hard water produces limescale quicker than other areas, so descaling is required more frequently. You can find out your water quality via your water provider.

A build-up of limescale can negatively affect the performance of the bottle and pouch warmer. We recommend carrying out the descaling process as per the above frequency guidelines to ensure that your bottle and pouch warmer continues to work efficiently.

To descale your unit, use a descaler that’s suitable for use with stainless steel and use as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Alternatively, you can use white vinegar to descale your bottle and pouch warmer, please use as per manufacturer’s guidelines.

Once you have descaled, then follow the instructions under set up to perform a final cleaning cycle. You may need to repeat the process if you find that limescale is still present.


How long does it take to warm a bottle or a pouch?

This all depends on the size of the bottle or pouch and the temperature of the contents. It also depends on the temperature of the water you add to the warmer.

If you have any questions or need some help using your Multiwarm Intuitive Milk Warmer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.